Why I love being a family lawyer

Published June 9, 2016 by Ashlee T. Bowman

belinda-patersonJones Mitchell lawyer Belinda Paterson gives her top 5 reasons why she loves her job:

  1. 1. The face to face communication and contact with clients

The direct and daily contact with clients keeps me on my toes. It ensures that I am always thinking of the best way I can to provide the best possible support and advice to each and every client.

  1. 2. Being able to achieve a final outcome for clients

Being a family lawyer, and an integral part of the Jones Mitchell team, makes for a ‘job’ that I appreciate and love doing day in and day out. It gives me an enormous amount of satisfaction to see each client walking away with sound advice and an outcome that will get them from point A to B.

  1. The variety of clients, their personalities and idiosyncrasies

Unlike many other areas of law, the fact that each matter is different from the last, makes each work that more interesting and challenging. As a family lawyer, you’re dealing with people’s lives and their emotions. No two cases are the same.

  1. Working within a profession of brilliant and kind colleagues

I think that speaks for itself. I love coming to work and spending time with such wonderful people.

  1. Being able to give clients options

Often clients come in the door and think that litigation is the only option. I like being able to educate them that there are alternatives that include mediation, alternative dispute resolution and collaborative law. Ultimately, having these choices gives our clients the power to choose their own destiny, not just the courts.


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