Focussed legal representation gives fast results

Published July 1, 2016 by Ashlee T. Bowman

In a legal system that can see clients litigating for 2 years, we recently succeeded in having a claim against our client dismissed entirely – and at the very first court event.
We invested in a tactical and focussed approach — early in the case.  We focussed on a jurisdictional argument that may ordinarily be overlooked.  We knew the argument was sound and that the case should be dismissed.  However we recognised that the Judge would need to be convinced in order to make this difficult decision.  So we engaged the best Counsel to assist in the advocacy on the day.

The Court was convinced.  The claim against our client was dismissed.  And (in a court where it is extremely unusual to get a costs order) he was even invited by the Court to consider making a claim for costs against the unsuccessful party.  The client was extremely pleased and we refunded money to him that he anticipated having to spend on the litigation.
The value of initial investment in thorough, tactical and focussed legal representation cannot be underestimated.

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