The impact of divorce and separation on a developing brain

Published December 14, 2016 by Ashlee T. Bowman

shutterstock_138520637-smallA keen interest of mine has always been parenting proceedings and ensuring that any parenting arrangement that is put in to place is void where possible, of any risk to the children and also in their best interests.

It is for that reason that I attended a recent workshop on the Developing Brain, Brain Development and Strategies for Best Practice.  I was naïve going in to that process, having really no knowledge of neuroscience and its impact upon us.  I had anticipated out of that session that I might learn further about the effect separation might have on the development of a child’s brain and their overall emotional wellbeing.

I learnt however as part of that process that it is not quite as simple as that.  There was some discussion about the ideal parenting arrangements for a very young child where the parties separate when they are newborns or infants given that it is the first thousand days of brain development that are important to a child. 

I also learnt from a parenting perspective, the differences between the development of the female and male brain.

It is an area that I think as communicators we should all have some knowledge of and understanding about how neuroscience may assist us in communicating with our clients but also how separation, divorce and family breakdown may impact upon brain development.

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