Drew Riley joins the team

Published March 1, 2017 by Ashlee T. Bowman

With both parents practising lawyers and always interested in their profession, Drew had a strong chance of going into law. But practising in Australia and in family was not always on the cards.

After growing up in Los Angeles, Drew moved to Australia to study law and joins two other pre-eminent male practitioners at Jones Mitchell Lawyers.

With a major focus on settling matters out of court, Drew is enjoying working in a field where he genuinely helps clients move on with their lives as quickly as possible.

Drew has a Bachelor of Law from Bond University and a Graduate Diploma of Legal Practice from QUT, and completed his study in July 2015.

With men a relatively rare commodity in family law, Drew joins a team of well-respected male practitioners – Rick Jones and Dan Bottrell.

Drew chose family law because he loves people.

“Family law is the most personal area of law,” Drew said.

“One of my best professional attributes is that I can remain calm in difficult situations. I believe this is a valuable attribute in family law as it helps clients relax in what is otherwise a very difficult time in their lives.”

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