Jones Mitchell supports Robina Community Legal Centre, not imminent funding cuts

Published March 9, 2017 by Ashlee T. Bowman

For many years, family lawyers from Jones Mitchell have volunteered their time and expertise to help support people without the financial means but in desperate need of legal assistance.

Lawyers Orlena Moloney, Kate GrahamBelinda Peterson, and Olivia Jennar-Bryant volunteer regularly at the award winning Robina Community Legal Centre (recently awarded the Community Legal Centre Member of the Year at the Queensland Law Society’s Innovation in Law awards).

Many cases presenting to over 40 community legal centres across Queensland are family law related.

But many of these people will have nowhere to access urgent legal support within the next four months if planned cuts to funding go ahead.

Community Legal Centres across the country are facing a 30 per cent drop in funding as of July this year. The Queensland Government has publicly stated that it needs to ‘find savings’ of about $1.9m and that these cuts will be made in funding community legal centres.

Community Legal Centres Queensland Director James Farrell said the loss of the local legal advice outreach service would have a major impact on the most vulnerable in the community.

The National Association of Community Legal Centres is still hoping to convince the Federal Government to wind back the planned funding cuts.

According to Mr Farrell only half the people who contact a community legal centre will have access to the help they need.

“The remaining 50 per cent are turned away because we just don’t have the resources we need to provide help for everyone who qualifies,” he said.

‘In July this year the Commonwealth Government will cut almost 30 per cent of funding to community legal centres across Australia.

“Our organisation is calling on Malcolm Turnbull and George Brandis to reverse this decision to ensure people across Queensland get the legal help they need and the justice they deserve.”

Jones Mitchell Lawyers fully supports the wind back of the planned funding cuts to community legal centres and will continue to support the Robina Community Legal Centre in their quest to provide legal assistance to vulnerable families.

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