High Court Debut for Olivia Jennar-Bryant

Published June 6, 2017 by Ashlee T. Bowman

Jones Mitchell Lawyers’, Olivia Jennar-Bryant witnessed a momentous occasion at a sitting of the High Court of Australia in Brisbane recently.

Olivia had the privilege of being present for the official welcome of the Honourable Chief Justice Susan Kiefel, the first female appointed Chief Justice of the High Court and the Honourable Justice James Edelman, one of the youngest judicial officers ever appointed a Justice of the High Court, during their first sitting in Brisbane in their new respective roles in the High Court of Australia.

This was particularly poignant for Olivia as a woman and relatively young lawyer.  “The sense of being present in the highest court in this land, on such an important occasion, evoked awe. Members of the entire legal community, irrespective of age, rank or role came together to show their respect for two of the greatest legal minds and recognise some of their greatest legal achievements.

“I can genuinely say what I witnessed that morning was something I will always remember. I am grateful to practise in an industry where there are no barriers created by age or gender. Instead, collegiality is a common theme and support networks are strong,” Olivia said when reflecting on the experience.

 The day also marked an important occasion in Olivia’s career, Olivia was briefing Senior Counsel in the High Court of Australia for the first time, with Jones Mitchell’s Senior Partner, Warwick Jones.  It is generally a very rare occurrence in a lawyer’s career to have a matter in the High Court of Australia.

“I am particularly grateful for these experiences, to learn from them and to shape the way in which I practise as the years unfold,” Olivia said.

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