Why I find Family Law professionally satisfying

Published June 21, 2017 by Ashlee T. Bowman

Joelene Seaton has chosen to exclusively practice in family law over the last 12 years and is a Senior Associate at Jones Mitchell Lawyers.

“I really enjoy the opportunity in family law to help people through a very challenging time in their lives.”


Here are Joelene’s top 5 reasons why she loves being a family lawyer at Jones Mitchell:

1. I like helping people move on, and even improve their lives.

2. I enjoy helping people to see there is usually a ‘better way’ to look at things.

3. Family law can encompass many different areas of law, so it’s a varied speciality area from a lawyers’ perspective.

4. Every case is unique and the diversity of cases keeps things fresh and interesting.

5. Getting the chance to practice in multi-disciplines including negotiations, mediation, arbitration and litigation.

“Being part of the team at Jones Mitchell brings great professional satisfaction as we are all focused on getting the best results for our clients, not just legally but holistically.”

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