Bond University and Jones Mitchell Lawyers internship program comes full circle

Published June 28, 2017 by Ashlee T. Bowman

Ruiqi Bai and Ailsa Day

Jones Mitchell’s Associate, Ailsa Day, has been with the firm since 2009. Initially as one of the first of about 50 students who have interned one day a week for a semester as part of Bond University’s Family Law Legal Practice Clinic.

Things have come full circle and Ailsa is now a supervisor of students from the Family Law Legal Practice Clinic at Jones Mitchell.  For current intern, Ruiqi Bai, the family law legal practice clinic is a great opportunity to work with senior family lawyers.

“I have learnt so much from Ailsa Day (Jones Mitchell family law associate) and it’s been great putting into practice all I have learnt at Bond University and apply that knowledge to real people with real problems.

“It has been particularly useful for me to observe and learn from senior family lawyers how to communicate with clients who are managing their own emotional state and help them with their expectations.” Ruiqi said.

Ruiqi’s aim has always been to practice family law and she’s had an interesting journey on her way to Bond University.

Growing up in China, Ruiqi studied English through primary and high school and enrolled in an undergraduate degree in Public Administration with a minor in Law at Chongqing University, she spent a year at Wilfrid Laurier University in Ontario, Canada furthering her English skills while studying a Bachelor of Arts and returned to China to complete her degree with a view to post-graduate Law at Bond University.

“I was interested in family law as I want to help people who are in a vulnerable or disadvantaged position in family law matters and help them out of unhappy situations,” Ruiqi said.

The time spent studying in Canada gave Ruiqi a great insight into the huge differences in the education systems in the eastern and western world and she has been pleased to utilise the excellent opportunities and resources at Bond University.

Ruiqi will graduate with a Master of Laws in a few weeks, in the meantime she is gaining great family law experience in a very positive environment at Jones Mitchell Lawyers and enjoying the lovely Gold Coast weather and lifestyle.

“Everyone at Jones Mitchell have been kind and patient and happy to give productive feedback, the family law legal practice clinic has been really worthwhile” Ruiqi said.

For Ailsa Day, supervising Ruiqi this semester has been thoroughly enjoyable, “Ruiqi is an amazing student, I admire her courage in applying and accepting her placement at Jones Mitchell Lawyers, especially as English is her second language. She put in 110% effort with all the tasks I have set her and seems to have an understanding that quality is better than quantity.



“I try to provide the students I supervise with an overview of family law and how it works on a practical level. They have the knowledge theoretically but that is quite different to family law in practice. I also try to give them interesting tasks they can see the result of during their time with us. I feel this helps them to assemble the blocks of knowledge they have on a theoretical level and put them into practice.

“I love the enthusiasm of the students in the Family Law Legal Practice Clinic, especially Ruiqi, and to be able to pass on some of the knowledge that I have learned over time is a privilege,” Ms Day said.

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