Jones Mitchell’s workshop with Potts Lawyers

Published June 28, 2017 by Ashlee T. Bowman

Jones Mitchell Lawyers’ Belinda Paterson and Olivia Jennar-Bryant recently held a very successful workshop with Potts Lawyers.

Lawyers from both firms were able to exchange information relating to their area of expertise and gain a greater understanding of each other’s specialty areas of law as they can overlap in some cases.

Potts Lawyers presented to Jones Mitchell Lawyers on the process involved with domestic violence proceedings and the relevant considerations in making or defending an application for a domestic violence protection order.

Olivia Jennar-Bryant and Belinda Paterson delivered a comprehensive presentation addressing specific questions that Potts Lawyers had relating to the intricacies of domestic violence orders on family law proceedings particularly in terms of the impact on parenting matters and property settlements.

Representatives from both firms found the workshop highly engaging and relevant, “It was so helpful to be able to openly discuss the overlap between family law and domestic violence aspects and understand how steps taken in domestic violence proceedings for example, can impact an individual’s family law matter and vice versa.” Ms Jennar-Bryant said.

This workshop follows another very successful session with Joseph Box, National Head of Forensic Consulting at Grant Thornton, who presented to Jones Mitchell Lawyers on best practice when advising clients in relation to complex corporate and trust structures.

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